Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doesn't that hurt?

When I was going through the pictures on my camera yesterday, I found a couple of gems. I took a moment to reminisce about when Sally, my boxer/pitbull mix, first came to my home. It was a bit of a culture shock because I wasn't used to large dogs. The photos below reminded me of those days and how sometimes I could do nothing but stare at her and think, "What in the world?"

How does one sleep with the corner of a hard piece of wood pressing into their skull?

Apparently quite well.  She slept through the flash of the camera and was snoring quite loudly.

I then turned and snapped this photo of Danny.  He has since forgiven me for bringing such an uncouth beast into his house.


  1. awww... what a sweetie. (the pittie/boxer) they just have the cutest faces. (and schnauzers are beautiful too... but they're more elegant.) There's just something about the pitties. You just have to love 'em!
    (Everyone always thinks my dog Jasmine is part schnauzer!!!) Sometimes I don't even both to explain what a havanese is! ;)

  2. When a pooch gots to sleep, he gots to sleep. Anyway, if we is dreaming of bones, ain't nothing going to disturb us! Woof!

  3. She is a sweetie! I can see why people would mistake a havanese for a schnauzer!

    Isaac, I think you're right!

  4. We are a bit more spoiled and love a comfy cushion to curl up on, although have been known to hang off the sofa upside down when sleeping! Lovely photo's, Dex & Louis x

  5. I'd love to see pictures of that! lol

    She was on a comfy bed at the time. That was part of the hilarity of the moment -- that she was so tuckered out she didn't even bother to adjust herself and get more comfy!