Thursday, May 19, 2011


A link was posted multiple times on my Facebook wall today to a story about a dog who was taken up by a tornado during the storms that devastated parts of Alabama back in April.  His family was close to giving up the search for their beloved pet, but all the while he was crawling his way home with two broken legs. 

I reposted the link on my on Facebook wall, but that’s not enough for this story.  It hit too close to home for me, and brought up memories from my childhood.  

My father was in the Army, and when I was five years old, he was stationed in Germany.  During our stay, I had only one playmate – my beloved dog Spoochie.   I loved her so much.

One day my older sister and her friend went running across the road to get to a large field by our house.  Being five, I immediately ran after them.  Spoochie then followed me, because that’s what dogs do, and sadly she was hit by a car.  I was beyond crushed.  Not only did my pet dog get run over, but my best friend in the whole world.  That’s a lot for anyone to handle – never mind a five year old.

My parents called a German vet who reported that poor Spoochie’s back was broken and that there wasn’t anything that could be done (this was at least a few decades ago).  My mom made her a comfortable place to rest in a box we had, and placed it in her bedroom so she could keep an eye on Spoochie overnight.  I went to bed in my room.

My mother tells me that after everyone was asleep, she heard crying and scratching out in the hall.  She got up out of bed and saw Spoochie dragging herself into my room.  She watched as Spoochie crawled up to my hand that was dangling from the bed and kissed it. Spoochie nuzzled up to my hand and then spent the rest of the night there on the floor beside me.  I didn't know she had even been there until morning.  She passed away sometime during the night.

So, you can see why that story brought the past back to life for me for a little while.  But I don't want to cloud what Mason endured to get back to his family. I'm so glad the vets are going to do all of the work for free -- good for you!


  1. Oh my, what a sad tale, that bought a tear. She'll be there at the bridge for you. xxx

  2. Thank you for stopping by and taking a trip down memory lane with me. I look forward to seeing Spoochie again.